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At BVM we strive to continually provide best in class logistics and superior customer service at a competitive price. All BVM facilities are operated by seasoned logistics professionals invested in providing your company, dependable warehousing and logistics services.

We provide general transit warehousing and 3PL warehousing services that includes work processes such as unloading, staging of cargo, segregation along SKU's, reconciling of cargo, inbound scaning, puting away at locations, data entry, stock management, and replenishment planning.

Key features of transit and 3PL warehouse management system include:

  Customized workflows for inbound, outbound and stock inventory control processes

  We manage adequate quality control and check to insure correct SKU and correct quantity as per customer order

  The correct cotton count while dispatching value added services such as stickering and labeling are done accurately

  Consolidation in warehouse